Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review of 23 things

My favorite thing about 23 things on a stick was registering on Facebook. I connected with family in a different way. It was a very interesting experience.

Picture on facebook

I posted a picture on facebook and for number 22 on 23 things on a stick I will read the posts on WebJunction and I will read the posts on OPAL. I also had a chance to make a Youtube video for the Paws to Read program for the White Bear Lake Library. It was really a fun experience. The parent and Otis the dog represented the Ramsey County Library in a positive way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I listened to the video on how to use facebook. I registred and then requested 3 friends . I will wait for their response on facebook. I got their response the next day and posted a message on my wall. I joined the Ghiness Book of World records facebook to get to 9,000,000 members for a world record. I looked at myspace on the Denver Public Library and also the Hennepin County Library. It is a way of connecting to teens in a positive way.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You-Tube and Paws to Read

I enjoyed watching the videos on You-tube amd in March of the Librarians I did not recognize a local librarian. I did click on the Google Video and saw other videos that had information about the Paws to Read program. I successfully submitted a You-Tube video to my blog. It featured Otis the therapy dog, a huge English Mastif. The children read to Otis, it makes them comfortable to read to dogs in a relaxed manner. The patrons in the library always enjoy seeing Otis. The children can improve their reading skills. We can use this video on You-Tube to teach patrons how to use this web feature. It also promotes the library in a positive way. I hope people will enjoy watching the video.

Paws to Read

Thursday, December 10, 2009

23 things on a stick Number 17

I read through the RSS information. In the EBSCO page composer I created an account and clicked on Web pages and Whitebear is the name of a new web page. In Proquest I clicked on My research tab and clicked on create a web page and e-mailed it to myself and to my surprise it worked. Great for research projects for students and getting information at home and they can print from their home computers. It was fun. I created an account in NetLibrary and I successfully created a note in that account. It will be nice to use it in the future when I want to download an e book.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RPC and the Assignment Calculator

Yes, I think it would be helpful to use if you were planning a project and had to finish within a certain time, especially for students. It would be helpful to library patrons who were starting school assignments from elementary students to college students - the handouts would be helpful.